I Hate Internet Gaming Culture

I think it’s fairly undeniable that playing video games is quickly rising to the most common and loved hobby around the globe. More user-rewarding than any other medium, video games are a part of the human culture and much like every other form of entertainment, a large sector of the internet is dedicated to it.

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Like I said a while ago, I kind of fell out of collecting and hunting down video games like I used to. I’ll still pick up a new release or maybe a long desired retro game of mine- but nothing crazy.

I think part of the reason for my desire to fade out of that lifestyle were the people that I’d be related to: the internet gaming culture. It’s simply one of the most toxic and grossest communities I’ve seen.

I feel like every week I see the words “death threats” or “rape threats” when referring to the treatment of gaming journalists (more specifically women ones). Colin Moriarty, formerly of IGN and of Kinda Funny posted a video on his independent YouTube channel speaking about internet trolls and overall rudeness pointed towards gaming journalists.

But of course journalists aren’t the only ones getting harassed; I posted the above picture to reference the age old console wars. Have a preference to any of the three companies? Slurs like “fanboy” (a light one), fag or asshole are thrown easily out there. Now don’t get me wrong, sports fans are just the same. But gaming of all things is no competition. In fact, every time I go to an event like a midnight launch or visit Nintendo New York I am reminded of how video games bring people together. They help us share smiles and laughs. Even online some miracles happen. Anybody remember when the Stardew Valley subreddit bought extra Steam codes to giveaway so less wealthy people could play the tranquil game?

So why? Why are gamers so vitriolic? I think it’s pretty simple. Even though we are on the rise in terms of entertainment, hardcore gamers are usually looked down upon in society. This allows the “victims” to feel strong or powerful behind a computer screen or keyboard.  In reality they are cowards who feel too strongly about their passion.

I hate internet gaming culture, and I’m glad not to be a part of it. What about you guys? Are there any sections of the internet that are still sacred and nice?

As always, thanks for reading.

-Dylan Michael


3 thoughts on “I Hate Internet Gaming Culture

  1. Like all parts of the internet and human society, gaming culture has some loud and irritating parts but there are still places and people you can meet that are enjoyable for you. It is all about not engaging with the negative and finding that group of online gamers you want to connect with.

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